Atlantic Canada Best Practice Missions Program 

2023 marks the return of the Atlantic Canada Best Practice Mission (BPM) Program for the tourism sector in the region. Following a hiatus during the past few years, the program has been reimagined and relaunched with support from ACOA Atlantic, the four Atlantic Tourism Industry Associations and the Provincial Government Tourism Bodies.

The program will focus for the next two years on coordinating missions to expose sector operators and industry representatives from Atlantic Canada to successful tourism businesses, experiences and destinations to generate and develop a culture of best practices built around quality. TIANS will be leading the program on behalf of Atlantic Canada.

The Best Practice Mission Program has three mission categories:

  • Pan-Atlantic Missions – designed for tourism organizations and early industry adopters/leaders to stay ahead of industry trends;
  • Cluster Missions – designed for operators and destinations that align with tourism strategies in the region to mobilize the industry going forward; and
  • Operator Missions – designed for operators in specific areas that can help the sector grow.

Keep watching this site for further announcements as mission planning is underway for Spring of 2023.  A dedicated Best Practices tab will be added soon where upcoming themes, application forms and further information will be available.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the Tourism Best Practices Mission Program, or suggestions for potential themes or missions, please feel free to reach Susan Tilley-Russell, Best Practice Mission Manager directly at: